Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage: A Thousand Years of Success

We should all stay relaxed and healthy through the healing power of touch. One of the the most ancient healing arts, Thai massage, has worked wonders for centuries. We accomplish this by pressing, stretching, and manipulating the body. You'll affect both the joints and soft tissues, alleviating pain, increasing vitality, Improving flexibility,  and offer a completely pleasurable, relaxing experience. In fact, no other type of massage provides a more powerful energy.

If you experience muscle, joint or nerve pain or are recovering from trauma or injury and looking for relief, or if you are just stressed out and seeking to improve your health, well-being, and feel better, we can help.  Join the others who have benefited from Onthana’s Traditional Thai Massage and experience relief from chronic pain, discomfort, limited motion and the anxieties of life.  You too can come away from a session feeling less pain, very relaxed, and with a freedom of movement your body didn't know it could have.

Methods of Thai Massage are used at the core of most massage sessions to offer an incredible versatility to effectively help a broad range of conditions.  Although each individual experience is unique, clients consistently report a dramatic shift in how they feel within a short time after beginning sessions.

After a session the entire body is relaxed and the muscles are stretched, making movement easier. Often, joint pain is diminished or even eliminated completely. With repeated treatments the body becomes supple and flexible, returning natural relaxed state. Other, unexpected benefits include relief from constipation and other bowel problems, headaches, aches and pain, and joint stiffness. This is usually attributed to the newly released flow of energy that this type of therapy is renowned for.Thai massage and bodywork has time and again shown itself to be an exceptional form of therapy for relieving pain, removing body limitation and improving one’s quality of life. Whether you are receiving a traditional Thai massage or other clinical therapeutic work, the goal of Onthana’s Massage is to support you on your path of wellness.

Onthana’s Massage also offers additional health care massage services to help you relax, release stress, and feel vibrant within your body.

Benefits of Thai massage

  • Improved circulation.
  • Release of muscular tension.
  • Improved energy flow throughout the body allowing balance.
  • Release of Mental and Emotional Stress.
  • Relaxation.
  • Increase flexibility.