Just had a 2 hour Thai massage. My daughter-in-law is a Thai Masseuse with 25 years experience. She is amazing. At just 4 ft., 10 in., she has amazing strength and stamina. Using her hands, feet, elbows and knees she is up on the table with you putting her all into her work. I feel reborn. I have circulation to parts of my body I didn't even know existed. Every muscle, tendon, joint and ligament has been worked on, and I expect to sleep like a baby tonight. With a combination of yoga positions, pressure and her knowledge of anatomy and the nervous system she is helping many people. Her motto: "You deserve to feel good". And I certainly do!!, Like · · - Frankie Mussallem.

Frank, Thank you so much for helping me feel better in body and spirit. I feel so relaxed and like a wet noodle. Thank you for your love in Christ. G. Souza

What a most awesome experience, I will return many more times and am very thankful to have

Onthana in this community. What a blessing she is, thank you! - Lorene Slanaker

Just what is needed here in town. Someone that cares and knows what they are doing. Job well done. Thank You - Jerry Ellen

Thank you very much. It's very good massage. - Jessie

Onthana truly has magical hands. I was very sore when I here and am leaving relaxed and refreshed. Her ability to get into the muscle is uncanny! It is obvious her expertise is refreshed. I plan to become a frequent patron of Onthana. Thank You! - Ginger Cloudy

Onthana- You are a miracle worker! I suffer from degenerative arthritis in my spine and by the time I left you I fell like I can conquer anything! You are truly gifted and I will be coming back often. Thank You! - Amy Web

Onthana- Thank you so much!! That was the most wonderful massage I've ever had. My muscles are so sore all the time, since my surgery in 2008. I feel like I can actually move my head from side to side. Thank You again, that was much needed!!- Patty Tucker

Feels Great- Bill

Onthana- You have a healing touch. Thank You My first Thai treatment. - Anne

Onthana- I cannot move or think. Thanks for beating me up :) ! - Pat Palkovic

Onthana- You are the real thing! I can feel your passion and knowledge flow through your fingertips and feet. I feel so good and so blessed to have found you. Thank you for your gift, time, for your peace, and tranquility you gave to me. I will return and tell others about you! Peace to you! - Loreli R.

Thanks very much for the wonderful massage. It's been over 30 years since I had a real massage and it felt very relaxing. I will come again! again thank you. Much appreciated. Awesome setting and music :) - Kevin Anderson

The massage was absolutely amazing! It loosened up everything. I can't wait till my next one! Thank you very much. It was wonderful. Ashley


Thank you for a great massage.  The atmosphere and music, smells, lights, noise level very quiet, all contributed to a relaxing massage.  I feel stretched and I feel as if pressure point massage will hep absorb toxins or flush them.   Candy Maisey


Well where do I start.  I came in very tense and hurting, but when we started the session it became more than a massage.  I've had those.  This became more of a spiritual encounter.  The energy just moved to a very positive,  Great.  Thank you. M. Wells


Writing after a session is a bit of a challenge. !  :-)  Thank you, Onthana, so very much for helping to unlock more layers of tension.  WOW!  You dance out the pain.  Carol Egner

Thank you for a very thorough, comprehensive and unique massage.  This was my first Thai Massage, it will not be my last!  Very good stretching.  Looking forward to another.  Kelly Chick

I have been all over the world, but this has been the most thorough relaxing experience ever, the stretching was amazing!  I will be back!  Thank you.   Dani Marcano

This was the best ever!  I have had tons of massages but this one was absolutely hands down the most amazing.  I am not sure when it was the last time I felt this relaxed and energized!  I will be back every week from now on!!!  Mellissia Williams

 What a great experience!  Thank you for helping me resolve some pains and tight areas, both what I knew and didn't know about!  We will be back again!  Bill Urquhart

Wow!  Onthana, you are amazing!  I don't think I felt this good in years.  Thank you for making me pain free.  I will be back again soon.  :)  Frankie Urquhart

I had a 1 knee replacement and an operation on 1 knee.  You helped it more than anyone could.  Thank you very much.  Paul Jackson

Hands down, this was definitely one of my greatest experiences. I never get massages but, so I am extremely grateful that my wife and friends convinced me to get one.  Can't wait to do it again.  J.  Williams

Thank you so much.  I feel like a queen with good relaxed muscles-   Rosie  

Perfect energy, flowing...to move again more freely. Thankyou!   Kay