Onthana's experience

Onthana was born in north-eastern Thailand. She moved to the south of Thailand, to a small  island named Koh Samui, when she was twenty years old. It was there that she trained to become a Masseuse and began her practice. Over the years she developed her skills through much practice and input from other masters of the art. She provided her services to the guests from the local beach hotels and resorts, eventually opening three more shops around the island.  As her business thrived she continually updated and upgraded her knowledge and skill in her trade by completing further courses of traditional Thai massage , Swedish massage, Thai aroma massage, foot reflexology, facial treatments and body treatments. She implemented and practiced these skills in her spas for over twenty years before marrying an American and relocating to Ketchikan Alaska. After a number of years in Ketchikan, providing her services to friends and family, she finally decided it was time resume her trade by opening up a small shop in her home, to keep her rates low for people that are in need of regular therapy. Come and enjoy the healing, relaxing treatments that she has to offer. You will not be disappointed.

Frank 's experience

About 9 years ago, I met my soon to be wife, Onthana, a lovely woman of great character who, by chance, happened to be a top-notch Thai masseuse. She was easy to fall in love with, and as the years passed and as we practiced together, I developed a love for the art of Thai medical massage therapy. Last year, I decided to go to Bangkok, to a traditional Thai massage school at http://www.watpomassage.com where I received an excellent course of training, and made a number of great friends. Upon my return home, I practiced on family and friends to prepare for the oncoming tourist season, as I knew my wife would be very busy and need some help when the cruise ships started coming to Ketchikan again. I pray that my wife and I will continue to bring healing blessings to people, together, from here on out--Frank Rodgers